Fall 2011

Comm 487: Communication and Global Organization

This seminar explores trends in communication in small groups and global business, government. The course is organized in three parts: (1) Interpersonal communications, (2) Point-to-multipoint communication, and (3) Communication, creativity, and innovation. These three sections track the communication issues that emerged in parallel with the rise of ubiquitous, mobile, cheap digital networks.

Comm 620: Using Theory to Craft Policies to Affect Change (with Prof. Lian Jian)

This seminar reviews path-breaking ideas suggested by, mostly, Nobel Prize winning economists. It then examines specific cases, trying to understand the process by which markets and institutions transform these ideas into results. There will be six couplets where we will focus on theory and ideas in the first week and how these ideas were translated into practical results in the second week.

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